About us

Mama’s Food is a brand new delivery service in the heart of London with delicious home-made Mediterranean recipes, influenced by the simplicity and healthy character of the Greek cuisine and way of cooking.

Who doesn’t love the Greek-Med cuisine? Well, that’s why we are here - to provide everyone with delicious and healthy food filled with tradition yet enhanced with a modern twist. Our secrets are the quality fresh ingredients and the extra virgin olive oil, which is the basic dressing in every salad and the only oil used when cooking our meals.

All the ingredients used in our menu are handpicked by us and offer you nothing less than a rich and healthy Mediterranean diet.  All meals are prepared by our highly qualified and experienced team, always following the guidelines and advice of our specialised nutritionist. For Mama’s Food good enough never is and this is why our goal is to provide you with the best meals possible for you and your family.

With an honest respect for your time, in only a few clicks, Mama’s Food will be shortly at your door, office, gathering, party or event.  Do you work long hours and have no time to cook a delicious and healthy meal? Do you simply want to enjoy a home cooked meal without raising a finger? Are you a student who misses your mom’s brilliant cooking? Well, Mama’s Food is here for you to satisfy all these needs and keep you healthy with hearts filled with love and stomachs filled with heavenly tastes!

Join the Mama’s Food family and indulge yourself with exquisite and nutritious homemade meals, so fresh and non-pretentious, as if they came out of your own kitchen.


Alexandros Yallouros Co-Founder

I have great experience in the food manufacturing sector having worked as a Project Accountant for one of the biggest companies in the U.K. 

I am a foodie, who loves world cuisines and never says no to good food! Exploring new cuisines and eating traditionally made food is my passion. My mother always told me that when food is made with love, it always tastes extra special.

Stelios Vasilopoulos Co-Founder

I was always quite health-conscious so I was never happy with what I was eating on a daily basis – it just made sense to me that there should be a more convenient way to eat well if you don’t have time to cook.

Our vision

Our mission is to make professionals feel at home while at work.

We want to prove that food can be healthy even if you don't cook it yourself.


Our vision is to become the largest healthy yet tasty food catering business in the UK while never compromising our core values and our love for the environment.


Our values are:

- Environment first

- Family feel

- Love for food

- Innovation

- Integrity

Delicious Food Made With Love